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That guy over there is me, Brady Chase. I'm an animator, story artist, and cartoon enthusiast. From a very young age I remember being captivated by animation or, as I understood it then, cartoons. 

Being captivated by Walt Disney animated movies of the mid to late '90's really cemented my infatuation with animation. I remember watching the bonus features of Tarzan on the VHS and wanting to do what those artists did. 
Drawing as much as I could, and scribbling in the corners of textbooks, was all I could really do as a kid. But, I knew one day I would be able to do what animators do.

Later when I was deciding what to study for college, it was a no-brainer... it had to be animation. So I packed my bags for Portland, Oregon ready to achieve that goal.

Since graduation, I've had so many opportunities to draw, create, and animate. I continue to do what I truly love. I can't wait to make more and become what I always wanted to be: an animator.

Oh! here is a link to my resume!

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